Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In honor of Memorial Day today, I wanted to make a reflective post on my trip to the Vietnam Memorial!

Washington D.C. May 9-12 08 118

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, created in 1981 by Maya Lin, is a sleek, modern tribute to brave men who fought for our country. The V shaped monument located in Constitution Gardens in Washington D.C. consists of two black granite arms 10 feet tall and 247 feet long. The chronological list of names represent those who gave their lives or went missing during the war. “The memorial, commissioned by Vietnam Veterans for Vietnam Veterans, serves both to commemorate the dead and missing and to provide a place where survivors can confront their own loss (Stokstad 1114).”

Washington D.C. May 9-12 08 113 Visiting the Vietnam Memorial was an amazing and profound experience. It is one of the most moving memorials I have ever seen. The aesthetic and message of the monument are both simple, serving as a tribute and reminder of the men who were lost. The black granite material allows visitors to see all of the names of those who gave the largest sacrifice for our country, along with their own reflection, as pictured below:

Washington D.C. May 9-12 08 117

This is a photo I took with my own reflection, which was a unique and poignant experience.  The memorial is interactive in that sense, the viewer sees their reflection while looking at the names. I think this memorial has changed the way viewers mourn and appreciate veterans with the combinations of names and reflection.

Washington D.C. May 9-12 08 116

My brother and I in front of the memorial. That day was rainy and gray, which made it easier to see the names and our reflections as opposed to a sunny day.


Remember to celebrate those who have sacrificed everything for this amazing country. God Bless the USA and thank you to all that serve our nation ❤ Happy Memorial Day!



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