Art Museum Bucketlist

Like many other artists before and after me, I want to go to as many art museums as I can. I think going to an art museum is one of my favorite past times, and I just really enjoy seeing artwork in a variety of spaces.

My personal goal is to visit various art museums around the United States, as well as internationally (I have yet to leave this continent, however) I do not count galleries or smaller museums, but rather larger, well known art museums when tallying up totals. I am not dismissing galleries or small museums as being unimportant, but I’d rather be in as many prominent art museums as I can be.

Art Museums that I have visited (this includes museums that are dedicated to just art, not museums of other nature or galleries)  thus far in chronological order include:

The Cincinnati Art Museum, OH (many many times)

The Art Institute of Chicago, IL, 2005, 2013

The National Gallery, Washington D.C. 2008

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC,  2012

The MOMA, NYC, 2012

The Whitney, NYC, 2012

The Cleveland Museum of Art, OH, 2014

The Philadelphia Museum of Art, PN, 2014

The Dayton Art Institute, OH, 2015

I realize that this list is rather small for an artist and art lover that is 23 years old. I have not had the pleasure of traveling to a lot of states. But I would like to go to as many as I can!

The art museum I want to go to most is dedicated entirely to my favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam would be on the top of my list, and I am determined to visit it before I die. I would prefer to go there over the Louvre!

If I were to go on a European trip, I imagine most of my time there would be spent in various art museums.

I will continue to update this list as I visit more. Hopefully I can add a new one each year!


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