Darkroom Photos

I’ve been student teaching a high school photography class. In this class, they still teach film and darkroom photography, which I think is great! Although digital photography is more prevalent, I still think it’s important to learn the process.

Back in high school I took an introductory photography class, so I had darkroom experience. However, it took several attempts before I was successful developing a roll of film. Mainly because my Minolta I used in high school had a faulty light meter, and there were several problems with my Grandmother’s Nikon N5005 (which have since been resolved). When I finally had pictures come out, I was very excited to get in the darkroom and make some enlargements.

There is something very satisfying watching a photo develop on the photo paper in front of your eyes. I still have many more enlargements I would like to make, but I really enjoyed the process of taking photos and developing them myself. I’m going to miss having a darkroom to work in šŸ˜¦


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