Latest Work: Colorful Collages

What is working: The outlined collages

I enjoy using india ink, watercolor, and a spray bottle to create organic shapes on the paper, then going back with a pen and emphasizing areas.

What I am going to improve: Mating collages once I feel they are to my liking and finished, and trying other materials other than paper.

My favorite materials to work with at the moment are watercolor and india ink. I plan to start using this media to convey dream imagery, emotions felt during dreams, and brain waves.

I would like to continue the square collages, but have more dispersion going on with the squares and their shapes, rather than having a rigid structure. I may also try collaging a bunch of small organic shapes together, rather than square.

12248406_897172716998660_1847379728_o 12214205_897172753665323_1510784743_o 12235462_897172766998655_849312767_o12227298_897172860331979_38650503_o


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