Mock Interview

Bailey Dowlin

Interview Questions

What are your strengths and weaknesses?


I get along with people very well, especially other members of faculty and students. My teaching philosophy includes being a caring, dependable teacher students feel they can trust.

I can engage with students of a variety of ages well and am able to communicate well and understand their individual needs, which is important to build trust and a good relationship with students. A weakness of mine is perhaps I need to be a little more strict as a teacher. If students behavior is having an effect on the rest of the class, I will intervene and put an end to it, but sometimes I am more lenient and laid back. Finding the balance of being friendly and laid back and strict has been a struggle of mine that I am continuing to strive to improve on.


How to you integrate technology into your teaching?

I use pinterest for new ideas and lesson plans as a personal utilization of technology. When giving lessons on artists or new projects, I like to use Prezis for presentations to make a nice visual for students.  There are lots of learning apps to help students stay engaged and get the most out of lesson plans, which I would use to have students engage in class discussion and learning. Google classroom is a tool I enjoy using to be connected with students and keep them on top of their grades and assignments. Utilizing technology to create art is becoming more prominent, and I plan to use it.


What kind of artwork do you most enjoy looking at or making?


I’m a painter at heart, so I enjoy painting and looking at various paintings the most. That is what I am drawn to first when I go to exhibitions and museums. I also enjoy looking at photography and taking photos, though painting will always be my first love. Abstract realism is my favorite art style, and what I am visually drawn to the most.

How do you address the different learning needs of each student?

As a teacher, I try to engage with students one on one as often as I can so I can get to know them on a personal level. That is how I assess their strengths and weaknesses as a student, as well as their interest in art. To address learning needs, I make sure to have materials available online for all students to access if needed. Not all students are the same, and have different learning needs. I take into account students with IEP’s or 504’s and make sure my lesson plan will adapt to everyone’s needs, and will provide extra assistance to those who require it. When I am grading, I make sure to leave lots of comments so ALL of my students know what was successful, what was not working, and what needs to change to get a better grade in the future.


Describe some ways that you present and display student work throughout the school and throughout the community.  In other words, how do you promote the Fine Arts at your school?


I promote fine art at my school by displaying examples of student work out in the hallways, which makes students feel proud and feel encouraged. Showing work in the hallways, other students will get to have a chance to see what we make in the art room, and might be interested in taking an art class themselves. In my classroom, I will decorate the walls with work of students past and present. Hanging students work in the classroom and hallway shows not only other students, but the rest of the faculty all we do in art class and the amazing work our students are capable of.


How can you connect your activities in the art room into lessons taught within other subject areas?

Art is a versatile subject that can be applied to other school subjects. As a lover of art history, I would have students apply history of all kinds of cultures in their artwork, and even literary themes as well. I would integrate writing and english in my class by having students write reflections and artist statements about their work, and also think about a narrative when making art. Math can be applied to art by measuring various things, and using the scientific method of experimentation, I would encourage my students to experiment with different techniques in artmaking.

Why do you think art is an important part of a child’s education?


Art is a very important subject to have, it effects the way we see, and makes the world a much more beautiful place to live, so of course it should be a part of every child’s learning.  I think every child should have a chance to think outside the box and be able to get messy and creative. Not every student will be an artist, but we all have something creative that needs to be let out once in a while. Art makes children solve problems that are more abstract than other subjects, and leads to inquiry . It also allows students to express themselves in a way that other subjects in school are limited. Every child should have the opportunity to experience art making in their life.


How do you integrate formative and summative assessments in the classroom?

Formative Assessments- in progress critiques is a big goal for me. I believe that critiques are very important, and it’s vital to give feedback before a project is due so students know they are on the right track. In progress crits are good formative assessments so the student and I know where the project is going and where the student lies as understanding the project. If a student needs extra help understanding something, I am able to help them achieve the best artwork to their ability. Summative assessments- I will have a final critique as well as have students write a reflection on what they have learned from the assignment, so I can see what my students took away from my lesson plan and what their thoughts are of their artwork. Personally, I find that formative assessments are more important than summative, so I can use information to see the progress my students are making, if they are understanding the project and are on the right track, so I can help them make the best art they are capable of before the end result. Summative is important to see the takeaway for each student, but making sure students are getting proper feedback before turning a project in so they have time to make alterations and think about what needs work is much more valuable to me.

Art teachers have a unique set of classroom management challenges — what would you do when a student is off-task, unmotivated, or not participating in a lesson?

I have experienced this before, where students don’t have motivation and are not on task in art class because they think it is not valuable. I explain that art class is just as important as math and social studies, etc. because it exercises your brain in a different way other than other classes do. I also explain how art has impacted the world, so much of history and culture has come from art in the past and present. I also like to explain that art is a medium that can be globally recognized and understood, in any media.

Describe a project that was successful or that your students really loved.

A project my 8th grade  students really loved was making visual puns. Using photoshop and images on google, students were to create a visual pun with no text, only images, which made them think outside the box and question how to communicate an idea without text. Afterwards, we played a guessing game and had the students guess each other’s puns, which the students had a lot of fun with. I had so much fun making that lesson plan and sharing the outcomes. My students all enjoyed the assignment and came up with very creative ideas. Using photoshop and their creativity, this assignment made them think about a piece that was visually communicative to the viewer. I think this project was a success because it was fun and educational, and participating students enjoyed creating them.




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