Photoshop Collages


While student teaching, I’ve been making examples for my students to demonstrate various things on photoshop. My Photoshop skills have been improving weekly and I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with it.

Today while making an example of a project, my example turned out to be something that I liked. One thing that I have thought about while brainstorming for collage experiments was more digital collages.

I learned a few new things in Photoshop and decided to make two more digital collages based off the example from class I made.

Digital collage

This digital collage uses one of the larger collages and two images of roses I took a while back on my camera. Experimental, not crazy about the outcome, but it was the first try.

I like the idea of taking my photographs and mashing them with photographs of art that I physically made, making this connection between my digital art (photography and photoshop) with physical art (painting, drawing, collaging)

I might even print these digital collages out and collage them further physically.


This second one I am really pleased with, not so much a collage, but a mixture of two photographs I really enjoyed. These are from my photo class last year and dealt with similar subject matter and color schemes, which is why they work well together.

The background image is of ketchup, and the foreground image is three warm colors of oil paint, both photographed with strobe lights. Alone, the images are alright, but together they make a much more interesting piece.

I will be printing out this collage and see what I can do with it. I really like the way it turned out, and will definitely be using photoshop for some digital collaging.

Another positive from making digital collages, is it is much easier and less messy to make rough drafts of collages before making the physical piece with so many materials. I think I may use photoshop as a sketchbook tool to create compositions before execution with art materials. Experimentation digitally is something new for me, and is sure to save some art supplies. Although some happy mistakes come of experimenting with art supplies physically, it would be more time efficient to create some “sketches” in photoshop beforehand, especially if I am thinking about a large scale collage.


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