Quick Photoshop Examples

With student teaching, I’ve had more control of the classroom and giving instruction to the kids when given new assignments.

Because it is a digital art class and we are working primarily with photoshop, there are lots of photoshop examples that I make to show my students how to improve on  basic photoshop skills.

One example is a motivational poster that the students were to make, using a background image and a motivational quote. I decided to use a quote from a motivational video of Shia Lebeouf, which went viral recently. I like to incorporate culture that is relatable and relevant to my students to make examples more fun and easier to understand.

Motivational Poster

Another example  is of a contour edge project, using half of a picture and half text to express adjectives of self representation. My example is simple and to the point, allowing students to get to know me a little better and see one possibility of the project that is easy for them to achieve.

name face

Both of these examples are executed decently and easy for my students to achieve at the beginning level of photoshop. If this were a real project, the outcome of these examples would look much different, but they serve the purpose of being quick examples, and it was fun to make both of these.

Student teaching is going really well, I’m enjoying myself, and my photoshop skills are improving immensely.


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