First Critique Notes & Thoughts


I’m interested in pursuing collage work the most. I can still incorporate my paintings, drawings, and photographs in my collages and combine to make something new. I’m interested in exploring the DADA and surrealism art styles. I’m also interested in using Mylar in future collage work.

Things that were said: Pastel areas were interesting. “Intimate topographies” Everyone would like to see less obvious subject matter, interesting use of composition and negative space, yet experiment and push a bit further, and most of all, try different shapes and sizes. Use shine to emphasize certain elements of composition rather than over entire piece. Try to collage without a subject, or make it more subtle. Collage without boundaries, break out from sketchbook and square paper, try organic shapes. Build without paper, off the page. Even try piling and 3D.

Artists to look at:

Anthony Goicolea


I like the surreal composition of this drawing, good start for a collage narrative

Jean Arp


I enjoy the simplicity of this piece, could see my trying this composition

Oliver Sacks- psychology- Need to look more into his ideas

Julie metchy (mapping)

Andrea Myers

“Expanse” by Andrea Myers at the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Wednesday, July 17, 2013. (Dispatch photo by Courtney Hergesheimer)



THIS IS AMAZING! I am so drawn to this piece. The mixture of muted tones and pops of bright color is gorgeous.


This artist is the one I got the most excited about. This is the type of art I would absolutely love to make! I love her collage work and the organic, interesting shapes!!! May have found a new favorite contemporary artist 🙂 I will be looking at her work a lot for inspiration.

There was lots of great advice.

So far, I’ve taken to trying to make collage that is not a square shape, but experimenting with organic shapes. I’m making materials for collages as well.


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