Collage Making

I’m in the process of making many new collages, and I’m experimenting with different shapes and sizes, rather than sticking to my smaller sketchbook.


So I’ve been making more material for my collages. While I usually incorporate old drawings and paint and whatnot, I decided to go ahead and make more materials that I will later cut up and make into collages.

A new material I decided to work with is burnt paper. I’ve always wanted to collage with burnt paper, I love the neutral, muted tones that fire gives paper, and it has an interesting aesthetic I enjoy. So I burned an old journal I used to keep, and have been using bits and pieces in new collages. Some of the organic shapes made from the paper burning might be the base for future collages.


I’ve also been using pastel and just covering paper with it, rather than applying pastel as I’m making the collage.


Another experiment I tried is rubber cement and water color, and I like the texture and effect it makes on the paper, which I will definitely use in lots of my collages.

Since I’ve used up a lot of my existing material, making new materials for collages has been fun and experimental, and I’m excited to start mixing and collaging these different elements together into various compositions.


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