Abstract Mixed Media Sketchbook


I’ve been working on a new project lately to help with my upcoming senior thesis the next two semesters. Using a mixture of old and new drawings, paintings, and even some photographs, I’ve made a collective sketchbook combining all my different doodles, sketches and more to convey a journal like sketchbook with an abstract narrative. I began to make doodles of my thoughts and dreams, so I now refer to this sketchbook as an abstract “dream journal”.


I’ve been adding and subtracting to the pages existing in the sketchbook, constantly altering it to form pages and pages of collages, which is my favorite medium to work with at the moment.


Over the summer of 2015, in my free time I made the occasional oil painting with lots of animal watercolors, but the thing I found that I was making the most was drawings and collages for my sketchbook. It was easy to carry around and work on, and I have a growing interest in collage and mixed media artwork, which is why I kept working on the sketchbook almost daily.


It was a great way to unwind and process my thoughts and feelings into colors, doodles, and line-work, with various materials including watercolor, pastel, marker, ink, pencil, and even cardboard.


What started out as a normal sketchbook to doodle and think of ideas, became a work of art itself by encompassing the process of gluing, ripping apart, drawing, painting, and layering old and new artwork, morphing into a medium that had remnants of the original piece on each page.


Although I continue to work on this sketchbook as often as possible, and consider it a piece alone, it is also a basis on which I will start a new series of enlarged collages on. I plan on using stonehenge paper and layering various mixed media together to make collages similar to those in the book.


I will use my favorite pages in the sketchbook as a blueprint for making larger collages, continue to add and subtract from the sketchbook in the process.



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