Tom Post

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 4.10.01 PM

Over the weekend, I was a model for artist Tom Post. One of the nicest, most genuine artists I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

The WAC Cultural Center has an art group with lady artists eager to learn from Toms demonstration. As he painted me, he explained to the ladies what he was doing each step of the way.
I picked up a few interesting tips myself! He uses a very small pallet.
This was not my first experience modeling for an artist before, I have previously sat twice for artist Tina Tammaro. Sitting for a few hours makes me appreciate models, it is actually very difficult to sit perfectly still for long periods of time.

P1050485 P1050486
It is always interesting to see how other more experienced, skilled painters interpret me through a canvas, and the result is very different than my own self portraits.
Tom is a wonderful artist, and I was so pleased to meet him!


Tom Post’s Website:

Here is a second portrait he painted of me at another workshop:



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