Cloud Gate: The Chicago Bean

In the past year, I have visited Chicago twice, and of course being a tourist, visited one of the most sought after spots, Cloud Gate, or better know as simply The Bean”. Relatively new, this sculpture has captured the interest of travelers coming to Chicago, and is a favorite place to take pictures for many.


Created by artist Anish Kapoor, it is a very unique and interesting form of sculpture. Installed in Millenium Park in 2006, the sculpture is made from stainless steel plates, allowing the reflection and distortion of the Chicago skyline as well as the many tourists. The coolest part is going underneath in the middle, and seeing the “ceiling”. It is as if everyone is ants. It is so interesting how it works!


I love how such a simple sculpture is an interesting piece of art and major tourist attraction, and makes for a fascinating subject to take pictures of.

DSC_0145 DSC_0143

My friends and I taking a picture together using the reflective surface of the bean. It is rather dirty from many smudges and fingerprints, which is quite understandable considering the massive amount of tourists daily.


Here is the interior of the bean. It is such a unique sculpture. How often does the human eye see a distorted refection such as this? This view amazes me.


My friends and I posing in front of the bean June 2014.


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