Artists, learn the rules before you break them!

Pablo-Picasso-Framed-Quote-146Pablo could not be more correct. It is SO important to learn the basics of art such as learning how to draw and paint, and training your eye to see things properly, before you can partake in the contemporary and break the rules. I love that Picasso believes this. Pablo Picasso was a very talented and gifted artist, and believe it or not, he could draw things very realistically & beautifully! Although his cubism & abstract work is more well known, he learned the rules before he broke them!

This is an example of Picasso’s early work. You can see that he learned to draw and train his eye to see things accurately:

01_Study_of_a_Torso_1895_MuseuPicasso_Barcelona_600-e1324079598299 The Pablo Picasso most of the world is familiar with, however, created much different art:



As an artist, feel free to break the rules, but be sure to learn them first!


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