Inspirational Artist: Van Gogh


Vincent Van Gogh is easily my favorite painter. I love his work because it is versatile, and despite his tragic life, he was able to see the world in a beautiful way and capture that beauty in a painting. His painterly style was so amazing! What I take from his work and contribute to my own personal style is his painterly brush strokes and thick application of paint, as as his bright, vibrant colors. However, my work does not have quite the thickness of paint as his, and my color pallet is less muted. He is amazing because he uses muted and bright colors in perfect harmony, a skill I have yet to master.  Not to mention his emotional energy that is included in each work of art. I wish my work could have as much emotion and energy. He painted everything from still lifes of sunflowers, to self portraits, to iconic landscapes such as Starry Starry Night. Even though he was a melancholic individual, his paintings would indicate otherwise. I love that he has happy work that is a pleasant experience to behold, with such life and movement. Here are a few of my favorite paintings by Van Gogh:   Image   Image      Paintings I’ve seen in person:   429316_322305254485412_473420914_n Who doesn’t love Starry Starry Night? Perhaps Van Gogh’s most famous work, it is beloved and widely recognized all over the world. I was lucky enough to see it in person at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  My art school had a field trip to New York my freshman year in 2012, and the Met was my favorite part of the trip. This is the picture I took of Starry Starry Night, and it was so exciting to see a monumental painting by my favorite artist in person!   Back in 2008, my love for Van Gogh was blossoming as a high school freshman.

The National Gallery has a wonderful collection of his work. I highly encourage the museum, it is wonderful! Here is a video I came across while looking at some of his work a few weeks ago. Someone made an animated short, literally bringing his work to life by animating each painting. It is a very interesting and different way to look at Van Gogh’s paintings, and there can be a new found appreciation for the emotional depth and beauty in his work. Link:


Here I am visiting The Art Institute of Chicago, where I got to view some of Van Gogh’s paintings, such as his Self Portrait pictured here. I’m always excited to see Van Gogh paintings in person.


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